K-Pop Lightstick:

The lightsticks are really important in K-pop world. Lightsticks identified each K-pop group with it's unique sign. It has group's logo. Every group has their own lightsticks with different style. Every fans wanna have it. When they attened a concert, they must have it. Fans encourage their favourite idol with the lightsticks. each and every group has it own style to raise their fan's lightsticks in the air.

During Covid many groups used their lightsticks to unite their fans together. Lightsticks are portable devices. It light up and glow. Modern K-pop lightsticks can even sync with the beats. This is also one of reasons that made K-pop concert looks more glamorous and cooler.

History of Lightstick:

K-pop is not just a music. It's a friendship and community. Fans of K-pop are intense. Previously fans supported their favourite idol on a colour coded basis. They used to buy merchandise of a particular color to show their support. Lightsticks came from those colour. BigBang was the first group who had their own first lightsticks.

First lightstick was really simple and fans could only buy it exclusively from the concert. Now they have bluetooth on it so they can synced to live concerts.

Where can you buy official lightstick?

Now-a-days there are some websites where you can search official lightsticks. But the best will be if you buy it from that particular group's official website. Know more about lightstick from article of thesoulofseoul .