Journey of blackpink

Pre-debut Training programme:

Before their official debut, the members of Blackpink underwent several years of training under YG Entertainment which is one of the South Korea's leading entertainment agencies. During this time, they improved their singing, dancing, and language skills and trained how to be a idol.

Beginning of Success:

Blackpink's debut was big success, they earned the title of "Monster Rookies" for their chart-topping hits and their captivating performances right after their debut. They became known for their unique blend of music, combining elements of K-pop with hip-hop and EDM which is really unique in tradition K-pop genre.Following their debut single, Blackpink released several typs of unique and successful singles and albums, including "Playing with Fire", "Stay", "As If It's Your Last", and "Kill This Love" etc. These songs are not only dominated in music charts but also set records for their music video views on YouTube.

Golbal popularity:

Blackpink's popularity quickly expands South Korea, and they gained a massive international fanbase through their music. They became the first K-pop girl group who takes part at Coachella in 2019. "Coachella" is one of the biggest music festivals in the United States. After that they collaborated with some internationally popular artists, such as Lady Gaga in the "Sour Candy" song and Selena Gomez in the "Ice Cream" song etc.

Popularity in other industry:

Except music Blackpink members also became fashion icons and ambassadors globally for various types of luxury brands which are Chanel , Dior, and more.

Full-Length Album release:

Blackpink released their first full-length studio album in October 2020. It's title is "The Album". This album featured some trending popular tracks which are "Lovesick Girls" and "How You Like That."

Netflix Documentary:

In 2020 during covid, Blackpink released a Netflix documentary titled "BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky," which gave fans a closure look at their journey from trainees to global superstars. Not only fan but also the people who are not fan but want to know more about them, this documentary is highly recommended. You will get to know more information about "Blackpink".