K-pop genres

1) Pop

K-pop is not just a musical genre. it's also a cultural phenomenon that encompasses fashion, beauty, and a strong online presence. The genre has a significant impact on global pop culture, and its influence extends to various aspects of entertainment and lifestyle. Some popular k-pop groups and artists are BTS, Blackpink, IU, EXO etc. Know more about pop genre of K-pop from article of npr.

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Gangnam Style

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Blue Hour

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2) R&B (Rhythm and Blues)

Korean pop has a wide range of genres, including R&B (Rhythm and Blues). R&B genre can be found in many K-pop songs, and there are also many K-pop groups and artists who use R&B as their primary style. Korean R&B songs are mixture of k-drama ost and trendy k-pop songs. It's relaxing. You can study with this slow melodies. Some popular R&B singers are Jimmy Brown, Lee Hi, DEAN, Jiwoo etc. Know more about R&B genre of k-pop from article of thedailystar.

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3) Hip-hop

Many K-pop songs incorporate hip-hop elements, including rap verses and urban beats. Some K-pop groups are heavily influenced by hip-hop culture. Some popular Hip-hop singers are J-hope, G-dragon, Jessi, Loco etc. Know more about hip-hop genre of k-pop from article of Grammy.

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Is this bad b****** number?

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4) EDM

K-pop frequently incorporates electronic dance music elements, including synths, electronic beats, and drops, especially in upbeat and dance-oriented tracks. Some popular singers who use EDM are BTS, Blackpink, MONSTA X etc. Know more about EDM genre of k-pop from article of aminoapps .

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District 9

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5) Trot

Trot is a traditional Korean music genre that has made a resurgence in K-pop, especially in songs with a retro or nostalgic vibe. Some popular trot singers are Hong Jin-young, Taeyeon, Kim Hee-chuletc. Know more about trot genre of k-pop from article of haneulssem.

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Battery of Love

Video credit: DanalEntertainment

Have a drink

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6) Ballad

Slow ballads with emotional and heartfelt lyrics are a significant part of K-pop. These songs showcase the vocal prowess of K-pop idols. Some popular ballad singers are Tei, BMK, Yoo Seung Chan . Know more about ballad genre of k-pop from article of intellecti.

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Cry Again)

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Sorrow song

Video credit: 1theK (원더케이)

Brown Eyed Soul

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