Now-a-days K-pop has become a global phenomenon. K-pop fans express their love through collecting their favourite artist's merchandise, album, lightstick, photocard etc. Let's have a look which items are essential for a K-pop fan.

1. Clothing:

k-pop album merchandise also have clothing such as T-shirt, hoodie and jackets etc. These have group's logo and images in it.

2. Posters:

K-pop posters are really popular for a fan. This is one of the must have items. Posters can be hung on walls and one can kept it on a frames also. Fans love to collect limited version's posters. This also give a beautiful pop look to your room.

3. Lightsticks:

Every k-pop group or idols have their own lightsticks. These are the great way to show your support for your favourite group. These can also be used as a home decorative items for a K-pop fan's house.

4. K-pop albums:

Collecting album is the most important things to do. Every album box contains photobook, photocards, pictures and other exclusive things.

5. Photocards:

Photocard is one of the valuable collection. This is fun activity. K-pop fan loves to collect photocard of their favourite group's member. Through these they feel connection to their favourite band.