Collecting Photocard:

For a K-pop fan collecting photocards are happiness. Photocards are also known as "pulls", "papels", "pocas", or "pcs". These are the exclusive photos which can be only buy from one groups official website.

This is something similar to a Pokèmon card collection. This is fun activity. K-pop fan loves to collect photocard of their favourite group's member. Through these they feel connection to their favourite band.

History of photocard:

Whenever K-pop group or idol release their album, they prefer to sell exclusive photocards with it. K-pop album boxes always contain a physical CD, photobook with pictures of the group member or artist , photocards and other accessories etc. Photocards are selfie of members.

Girl's Generation was the first group who released photocards with their TVXQ's" (2007) album Summer Dream. Since then, photocards gained popularity and now-a-days this became a unique marketing tacttic. These attract more buyer. There are several types of photocards . Those are pre-order benefit cards, random trading cards, hologram cards, AR cards, and more.

Where can you buy official lightstick?

Now-a-days there are some websites where you can search for photocards. But the best will be if you buy it exclusively from that particular group's official website with their official album box. Know more about k-pop photocard from article of cxomedia .