All Time hit K-Pop mv:

There are so many K-pop music videos. The choice of which one is to watch first depends on your personal preferences. K-Pop MVs are known for their high production quality, meaningful lyrics, stunning visuals, and often intricate storytelling. Here are some must-watch and all time hit K-pop MVs from different K-pop groups and artists , spanning various genres and styles. You should watch these mvs if you are completely new. These are the great start as a newbie:

1. BTS - "Dope":

Dope MV showcases BTS's signature energetic , synchronized choreography and portrayed beautifully today's society's problem.

2. BLACKPINK - "Kill This Love":

BLACKPINK's powerful vocals and fierce visuals which make this MV standout. Blackpink always try to give a message through their songs. Kill this love has strong message to give to society.

3. TWICE - "Feel Special":

Feel Special is TWICE's catchy and uplifting MV with a message of self-love.

4. EXO - "Monster":

Monster is Known for its intense beautiful choreography and dark aesthetics, this MV is fan favorite for the aesthetic which is created by EXO.

5. Red Velvet - "Bad Boy":

Bad Boy is a stylish and sultry MV from Red Velvet that oozes charisma. This one is also one of must watch K-Pop MV.

6. IU - "Palette" (feat. G-Dragon):

Palette is a mellow and sweet MV from IU, one of South Korea's most celebrated solo artists and G-Dragon is also popular artist. They collaboratted in this song and delivered their best performance.

7. Stray Kids - "God's Menu":

God's Menu is a visually striking MV with unique and captivating imagery with unique storytelling.

8. Mamamoo - "HIP":

HIP is known for their powerful vocals and confident stage presence, Mamamoo delivers all in this MV.

9. GOT7 - "Just Right":

Just Right is a fun and heartwarming MV that delivers self-acceptance to people.

10. NCT U - "90's Love":

90's Love is a vibrant and nostalgic MV of "NCT U" that pays homage to the 90s.

11. Sunmi - "Gashina":

Sunmi's solo MV "Gashina" is known for its charismatic and iconic choreography. If you are new in K-Pop then this is also a great start.

12. Big Bang - "Fantastic Baby":

Fantastic Baby is a classic MV that helped catapult Big Bang to international stardom.

13. ITZY - "Wannabe":

Wannabe is an empowering MV with a message of self-confidence.

14. Ateez - "Wonderland":

Wonderland is a high-energy and visually stunning MV from the rookie group Ateez.

15. IU - "Eight" (Prod. & Feat. Suga of BTS):

Eight is a beautifully animated MV with heartfelt lyrics.

These are just a few recommendations, and there are so many K-pop MVs to discover from a wide range of artists and groups. Explore different genres, styles, and eras of K-pop to find the ones that resonate with your taste and preferences. These mvs are all time hits.