Journey of Red Velvet


Red Velvet made their official debut on 1st August, 2014, with the digital single "Happiness." Their debut was characterized by a vibrant and colorful concept, setting them apart in the K-pop industry. Previously Red Velvet released successful songs like "Ice Cream Cake" and "Dumb Dumb," which showcased their energetic and quirky "Red" side.

Career Highlights:

Hit Songs: Red Velvet continued to release hit songs such as "Russian Roulette," "Rookie," "Red Flavor," "Bad Boy," "Power Up," "Psycho," and "Queendom." They have released multiple albums, including full-length albums like "The Red" and "The Perfect Red Velvet," as well as mini-albums like "The Velvet" and "Summer Magic." International Recognition: Red Velvet gained internationally recognition and performed in various countries, including the United States , United Kingdom and Japan. Their music videos also gained millions of views on YouTube. Awards and Achievements: The group received numerous awards and accolades for their music and performances, including several Daesang (Grand Prize) awards at major South Korean award shows.

Subunits and Solo Activities of Red Velvet:

Red Velvet has two subunits. Those are Red Velvet - Irene & Seulgi: A duo known for their sultry and R&B-inspired style. Red Velvet - Joy & Yeri: A subunit with a brighter and more youthful concept. Members of Red Velvet pursued individual activities, including acting in dramas, variety show appearances, and solo music releases.

Challenges and Achievements:

Challenges and Achievements : Red Velvet faced many challenges along their journey, including member injuries and schedule adjustments etc. They became recognized as one of the leading girl groups in South Korea and in the global basis.