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This is a fan website. If you are newbie or seasoned fan of K-pop, don't worry. Here you will get to know about K-pop group or artist and about this famous music genre. Explore and dive into a new adventure in a new magical world of k-pop.

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kpop lightstick in a funky frame

What is lightstick?

The lightsticks are really important in K-Pop world. Lightsticks identified each K-pop group with it's unique sign. It has group's logo. Every group has their own lightsticks with different style.

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What is collecting photocard in K-Pop?

For a K-Pop fan collecting photocards are happiness. Photocards are also known as "pulls", "papels", "pocas", or "pcs". These are the exclusive photos which can be only buy from one groups official website.

must kpop items including lightstick, album, merchandise

Must have items for K-Pop fans

Now-a-days K-Pop has become a global phenomenon. K-Pop fans express their love through collecting their favourite artist's merchandise, album, lightstick, photocard etc. Let's have a look which items are essential for a K-Pop fan.